Tuesday 13 August 2013


Urban Outfitters Silk Trousers |Old Primark Denim Jacket |Topshop Necklace |Topshop Sandals |Miss Selfridge Bag |New Look Crop Top
C'est Vintage
Ringalings are such lovely things - Both from travels
No7 Nail Varnish in Post Box Red
CHEESE. We had so many samples we counted it as our lunch. Everyday we were there.
Primark Top | Topshop Necklace
Pure Class
Kirsty (Left) Dress - New Look | Amy (Middle) Topshop Dress, New Look Shoes | Me (Primark clothes horse) Top, Skirt, Shoes - all Primark

HOLY SHAMOLEY. It has been far too long since I've been here and done a blog or two. Exams, graduation, my summer job and trying to get my life back in order have all taken over in the past few months but now I'm back, hurrah!

I meant to post on this trip, you guessed it, months ago, as the photographs and time I spent here with my two lovely flatmates was absolutely brilliant and I was able to go mad with my photography. Amsterdam was a complete rollercoaster of culture, food, drinking, getting lost, tea shops, wandering into sex stores and being crept on by dodgy European men in clubs in attempt to nick their flat caps.

Now, I'm a fairly classy lassie, or so I'd have you believe on here. Thus, these photos are dedicated to the culturally enriched and aesthetically quaint experiences of Amsterdam and what we wore as opposed to the uncut, Geordie -Shore - On - Tour experience the trip also encapsulated. That's the thing about this city however: it's so juxtaposed and opposite in its atmospheres. However, this is also very odd and hard to convey as everywhere looks pretty much exactly the same. For example, you can be wandering down a  beautiful canal with boats sailing and families strolling on your left, i.e the same view as you had a few streets back, then turn to your right and be greeted by prostitutes in similar innocently - charming architectural surroundings beckoning you in to 'learn some tricks.'

It's kind of what I loved the most about this beautiful city though. In many ways it reminded me of Paris: it had the similar naughtiness of Pigalle, the artistic and musical culture, the romantic streets and bridges, but at the same time, it was so utterly different to anywhere I'd ever been before. While Paris has its cheeky edge, its art and its romance, these parts of the city, for me at least, are all represented in different geographical areas, I suppose because of its size. Amsterdam is a mixing pot of everything in a very small space. Naughtiness, culture and romance all culminate in its small, winding streets, where you can get lost between an area teeming with art galleries, turn a corner and not realise for a few minutes that you have entered into a hotbed of marujana and sex shows.

I still think Paris has the edge for me. It's just got that old je ne sais quois. However, if you haven't been to Amsterdam before, go and experience its juxtapositional magic for yourself. I promise, you'll have a Dam whale of a time . (Ha?).



  1. Great post beautiful place nice photos.

  2. looks gorgeous - would love to visit one day - also, love those wide silk trousers

    thanks for your sweet comment on my post.x

  3. haha condomerie!
    I'm going at the end of this month eeek
    NRC ♥

  4. Lush photos, lovely read! And totally agree with you with the similarity to Paris. Looking good Peg! xx

  5. I love your blog so I've nominated you for the Liebster blog award!

  6. Hello! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Go over to my blog and have a look x

    Caitlin x


  7. love ur style too! especially the first outfit with that pants, so cute <3 xx

  8. I adore your outfit and lovely photos!

    1. thank you so much, really appreciate it! xxx

  9. An amazing outfit,you seem to be an interesting person,really like your blog,I'm following you now via GFG :)

  10. I love the two rings and your going out outfit is gorgeous, can't believe it's all primark!x

  11. WOW!! Beautiful pictures! Love the girls outfit!

  12. Lovely photography! I really like those rings!
    Madison's Assortment

  13. Beautiful photos and great post!!!
    Have a good week!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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