Wednesday 24 April 2013

Evening Strolls & Spring Rolls

Yesterday was the first day of my finals. EUGH. I had two exams in one day and as such I was ready for a little bevvie in the evening. In light of this, my man friend and I decided we'd go out and have an evening stroll to the river and get some beers with some Japanese food at Wudon, near my flat to boot. (Note the rubbish chopstick walrus.) After wearing pretty much my pyjamas to the library all week I wanted to get dolled up, so here I am, posing like a posey queen in some of my gladrags. I donned my favourite dogtooth trousers, a croppy black top and a denim shirt, with my blue suede shoes (hello Elvis) and a gold chain necklace, harking to a modern take on 50s vintage. The west end of Glasgow is awash with vintage and thrift shops and I must say it's hard not to be slightly influenced by this style! It was a lovely warm evening, and I think finally, spring has sprung upon us in Glasgow. 

Jacket: Primark
Denim Shirt: New Look
Gold Chain Necklace: Topshop
Dogtooth Pattern Trousers: Vintage
Boots: Primark 
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Vintage 



  1. Love this outfit! That necklace is gorgeous xx

  2. I love posing like a posey queen sometimes to ;)
    Lovely outfit & I want that gold chain please :p
    Megan xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I especially like that necklace and your jacket.
    I hope you did well in your exams!

    Kathryn x

  4. Awesome style and beautiful neighborhood! <3


  5. These photo's are so beautiful.

    I love your outfit its really gorgeous.

    Kelly | My Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains | Bloglovin' :Day Dreams & Daisy Chains | ♥

  6. you're so pretty! love the pictures:) followed! would love it if you could check out mine?

    - Hannah xoxo

  7. so fun to see these shots because I walk my boy down here all the time! keep meaning to try wudon too but never seem to get round to it...

    thanks so much for your sweet comment today - lovely to meet another tucker!

  8. ah loving everything about this look, your trousers are so cool, I really want a similar pair

    ordaining serendipity

  9. Love this outfit, trousers are such a good vintage find xx

  10. Ha! Hello Elvis.
    Love this outift.
    This jackets from Primark? I love it!

    Rachael x

  11. Just came across your blog and I'm so happy I did! You have such awesome style! I love it let's just be friends jeeeeeeez.

    Haley xx.!

  12. I love the bag in your photos. And I really like the photos of the surroundings/ buildings. Makes me feel like Im visiting a new town. ;)

    P.S. Followed you on GFC. I hope we can be blog buddies! :)

  13. your lovely comment made my day! and how much of a babe do you look here!?!
    love your blog, now following on bloglovin and GFC. xxx

  14. Cool look!! I really adore it!!! Love the crop top and high pants!! Everything so cool very london style honey!!



  15. omg i loveeee your trousers! gorg!
    amazing outfit :)

  16. lovely blog:)
    Following you in bloglovin and GFC :)
    Hope you can follow me back
    Wish you could join my celebration :)

    1st Blog Anniversary giveaway (international) !!

  17. Pictures are really amazing! love your pants!
    kisses pretty!

  18. beautiful outfit *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  19. Loving that crop top! These pictures are really cute too!

  20. Lovely outfit! x

  21. Love your outfit- I have the coat too! Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin'. Wanna follow me back? Please tell me what you think of my blog- I'm new to this!

    x jessie

  22. That outfit is amazing and the pictures are just surreal! They really inspire me to pick up my camera and snap away! I've followed your blog ^.^ if you have the chance, I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my blog! Take care :)

  23. Gorgeous outfit, I need that bag in my life !!
    Misha xx

  24. I adore your outfit! I think you look so chic :) xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  25. I love those high waisted trousers, you look awesome :) x

  26. Beautiful photos and post!!! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  27. lovely blog honey!

    Im following u!


  28. Love your jacket and boots!

  29. Just found your blog and love it - you've gained a new follower!
    What lipstick are you wearing in this post it's gorgeous!

    I would love it if you would take a look at my blog I'm still quite new! :) x

  30. 1. Best ombre hair I've seen in a long time.
    2. Lovely pictures.
    3. Amazing vintage outfit! Now THAT is how you wear a crop trop without looking trashy.

    And I totally feel you on the urge to dress up after a rough week... I actually have a school uniform, so most weekends I am really looking forward to dressing and feeling fancy!

    Take care over in Glasgow xx
    La vie en low-cost

  31. love your outfit and you have amazing fashion taste!
    love your blog (:
    Katy xx

  32. hi my dear, thankyou so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Can i just say that outfit is so gorgeous; those trousers are divine and you look stunning. I am now following you!

    love amy x

  33. we love the look! you have an amazing blog!! we would love a follow back on blogspot -

    kisses! xx

  34. hi ,

    I discovered your blog right now! and I think it is adorable I really like your style and will follow you :)

    Also your hair color same as I want!



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