Sunday 30 July 2017


Terracotta vases; bougainvillaea; quaint, winding streets; colourful pastel houses; shimmering sea scapes and some of the best ice cream in the world. Who'd have thought all this could be found in the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland?

Fair enough, the weather changed about 5000 times in the space of two days, but when the sun actually came out, I could've sworn we were sauntering through a village in the Cyclades in Greece.

Fife is one of my favourite places in Scotland, especially the beautiful seaside villages of Pitenweem, famed for its Arts Festival at the beginning of August, where houses, garages, shops and sheds across the community are transformed into galleries; and Anstruther, home to the best fish and chips shop in the UK (2014-2016).

St Andrews too can't be missed. The capital of the area, famed for its golf, university, abbey, castle, beach, history...phew... and of course Janetta's Ice Cream. No matter what time of day we walked past, the queues were sprawling right down the street to get their tongues on some of this award winning gelato, with over 100 flavours to choose from. Scottish tablet flavour should not be missed.

So instead of flying across the continent to get your fix of Mediterranean delights, take a wee gander to the Fife Coast, and fool all your mates you've been to Kefalonia. Just maybe check the weather first.

Janetta's Gelateria Ice Cream in Strawb Flavour (excuse the slobbers) 

Keeping it casual. Go Go Go sunglasses from Le Specs (my pride and joy) - available HERE 

So many of the houses in Anstruther are just coated in sea shells like this <3 

The best fish and chip shop in Britain - we waited in that ridiculous queue for nearly an hour. But it was worth it. 

Theresa May lyf. Now how to get down...

That's how.


  1. Thanks for sharing all those info! And the pics are so amazing!

  2. One of the places on my list to visit. Love your photos :)

    1. Thanks very much Lory, really appreciate it xx


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