Friday 15 March 2013


Red Sandals - Primark - £12.00
Clutch Bag - Primark - £6.00

There's been so many 21sts lately so thought I'd use one to make a wee blog post. These are some photos from my friend Erin's 21st at Stirling Golf Club. Pictures are a bit grainy and rubbish though as they're just off a mobile camera. I got the dress as an impulse buy and was going to take it back, but three people have asked to borrow it now so thinking I might just keep it! The sandals were only £12 from Primark and I absolutely love them and the coral colour. Looking at these photos I wish I'd worn a gold necklace with the dress just as I think it's maybe a bit too simple for a party without. I love the low back and tight material though - so unfortunately no bra and no (or very skimpy) knicks!




  1. You look absolutely gorgeous , those shoes are hotttttt xx

  2. Love this outfit and your blog! xx


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