Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pin of the Day - Celine Sandals

All the above I can only dream about. Each pair would cost you on a good day around £400, thus concluding that I could only buy a pair when I master the art of growing a money tree. I can't help but love them, however. The ankle straps which add both support and a subtle point of interest, and the elegant, simplistic lines of the shoe make them uncluttered and sophisticated. However, instead of crying over the fact I couldn't afford even the sole of these shoes, there are some beautiful high street equivalents that won't harm your bank account. *No guarantee they won't hurt your feet.

These just as good as Celine, simply designed, 'barely there' sandals help to give a bit of edginess to any outfit while keeping it feminine and elegant. I really love the Chinese Laundry pair... Any spare change anyone?



  1. Love the Celine sandals !!!

  2. The Celine sandals are gorgeous. I wish I could afford them too. Zara do some great alternatives too x

  3. The neon yellow Celines are aaaaaamazing! Full on shoe porn haha

  4. The Celine sandals are just to die for... infact any Celine! Really enjoying reading through your blog :) xx

  5. You can never go wrong with a little Celine!

    Lovely blog :)



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