Thursday, 25 April 2013

Pin of the Day: 'Green,' Bronagh and the Boys

I have to admit I have never written a music review before, however, when approached by Bronagh from rising Glasgow band 'Bronagh and the Boys' to write a review on their new single, I definitely couldn't turn the opportunity down. So, here's my humble attempt at bigging up the brilliantly beautiful song that is 'Green.' Download it if you haven't already - link at bottom!

Green. For me, this colour brings to mind warm, hazy, summer evenings, with hot bums sitting on cool grass, trees blowing in the wind and fresh leaves growing on sun soaked trees. Ah, poetic. However, to this list, I now have to add ‘Green,’ the debut single of six piece Glasgow band, ‘Bronagh and the Boys.’ With beginnings in the West End of Glasgow, the band have had their fair share of gigs around the city's best musical venues, supporting different acts such as Rae Morris at The Arches, BBC Sound of 2013 Shortlist, Josephine at King Tuts, and most impressively, Newton Faulkner at Glasgow University’s biggest  end of year social event , Daft Friday.

Lead singer, Belfast born Bronagh, has been writing both musically and lyrically for the past two years and her sound has truly developed into something worth sitting up and listening to. With hints of Stevie Nicks, Laura Marling and Regina Spektor, Bronagh’s voice is a concoction of hauntingly beautiful melodies  and sweet harmonies resulting in an undeniably memorable musical quality . Imagine if Fleetwood Mac got in on musically with a more modern, soulful and mellow sound. ‘Bronagh and the Boys’’ ‘Green’ is what would be created.

‘Green,’ Bronagh admits, like many of her songs was written in around ten minutes, and like much of her writing reflects her mood or the fleeting thoughts of a particular moment.  She has also said that she wants to make songs that stick in people’s minds, which I must admit, ‘Green’ ultimately did. It’s kind of addictive, and the lyrics would not leave my mind as I struggled to shift them from my head and my under qualified voice box after giving it a first listen. With easy listening, mellow tones and the beautiful, harmonious voice of Bronagh throughout, I think ‘Green,’ is set to be, and definitely should be, on everyone’s summer playlist.  

Take a listen and download at: 



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