Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back to the Island

PHEW. Dissertation is IN! I've been completely abandoning my wee blog for the past few weeks as I attempted to get the dissy out of my system and be disserhatin' no mo. Finally, I have, and I'm away home to the lovely Isle of Arran for a few days to get a bit of respite and tlc from my family and to give my dog a good spoon. 

I also got a BRAND SPANKING NEW CAMERA - A Sony DSLR (a wee post dissertation present from money left to me by my grandpa) and I haven't put it down since. 

I've always wanted a DSLR as photography's always been a bit of a love of mine but I've just never been able to afford one, or had the balls to ask my mum and dad... 

Here's some of my favourite snaps over the past few days back on the Island post snow-pocalypse:

Arran in ISO 200 from the Ferry

Brodick Bay on Arran's East Coast, ISO 200

Old Byre Showroom, Machrie on Arran's West Coast, Macro

View of Machrie Bay from Old Byre Show Room

Pirnmill Sunset, West Coast, View from our Dining Room Window
My dog, Millie, on the hill behind our house in Pirnmill
Track to North Pirnmill at Twilight
Macro Sign Post to North Pirnmill at Twilight

Even post snow disaster, Arran is as beautiful as ever. 


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